Q: Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan at any time?

A: Yes. You can upgrade or downgrade any time from our billing dashboard.

Q: Where is the information sourced from?

A: We source our information from various Forex Exchanges and Banks in real time

Q: How often the data is updated?

A: The currency data is updated every 60 seconds.

Q: How far back can I access the historical data?

A: Historical data can be accessed from 1984-11-28 which varies on Historical Data Limits from which date each currency is available.

Q: What happens if I exceed limit?

A: For paid plans, we'll notify you through email when you consume 80%, 90% and 100% of your requests. After that, we'll serve you additional 10% based on your plan limits. If you don't upgrade during this time, we'll stop serving you until the next billing cycle. For free plans, we'll notify you once when you reach 100% of your free limit and stop serving you afterwards.

Q: Do you have a free plan?

A: Yes. Our free plan offers you 1000 requests per month. It has certain feature limitations compared to our paid plan as mentioned on our pricing page.

Q: How often data gets updated within the Free plan and specify the timing of these updates?

A: Under the free plan, data is refreshed every 24 hours, with updates occurring precisely at 12:00 AM UTC.

Q: Which payment methods do you accept?

A: We accept all type of Credit / Debit Cards and PayPal. We use Fastspring and Paddle for payment processing.

Q: Are you GDPR compliant?

A: Yes. We are GDPR compliant and provide DPA to companies who require it.

Q: Can I request exchange rates for a specific time-frame?

A: Yes. Our fluctuation end-points let you search for currency data for any specified time period.

Q: Can I change the source currency?

A: You can change the source currency only in our paid plans

Q: Can I change the number of output currencies?

A: Yes. You can add as many output currencies as you like by entering the required 3-letter currency code.