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Fixer API vs CurrencyFreaks | A Fixer Alternative

Fixer API Vs. CurrencyFreaks | Choosing the Best Forex Exchange API

As we know, the digital world is moving forward quickly. Many technologies are being invented daily. Therefore, choosing the right tech for your business has become a challenge. We know that financial APIs and applications are revolutionizing the world. One such technology is the forex exchange API. Like many other technologies, you will find many forex exchange APIs in the market.

Today, we will show you the two most popular forex exchange APIs. The first one is CurrencyFreaks, and the other is Fixer API. Developers often need clarification on which API to choose. Therefore, we have written this comparison blog to make things easier. Read this blog till the end to select the best API for your financial applications. 

What is a Forex Exchange API?

API stands for application programming interface. An API makes it easier to implement particular functionalities in your application without the need to write the code from scratch. On the other hand, "Forex" is a short term used for "foreign exchange rates". A forex API allows applications to access and interact with foreign exchange rate data.

It provides us with real-time or historical currency exchange rates. These APIs typically offer features such as:

  • Retrieving exchange rates for various currency pairs

  • Converting currencies

  • Accessing historical data

  • Performing currency calculations.

Forex Exchange APIs are essential for:

  • Financial analysis

  • Currency conversion

  • Trading activities in the global forex market.

Let's explore the two most popular forex exchange APIs.

forex exchange api features

CurrencyFreaks API

CurrencyFreaks is a tool that helps us find out how much money one currency is worth in another. It gives us both past and current money values. CurrencyFreaks also tells us how money values change over time. We can get the answers in two different formats: XML or JSON. It works with more than 641 currencies from around the world.

This tool is really useful for apps that need to convert money quickly. CurrencyFreaks can be used with many different programming languages. 

Fixer API

Fixer API is another API that helps find the value of money from different countries, both current and past. It is updated every 60 seconds with information from trusted sources like the European Central Bank. It covers 170 countries. To get started, you need to sign up on their website and get an API key.

Let's compare CurrencyFreaks and Fixer API. 

Fixer API Vs. CurrencyFreaks

Aspect CurrencyFreaks Fixer API
Pricing Starts at $9.99 per month. Starts at $13.99 per month
  • Latest Currency Rates
  • Change Base Currency
  • Desired Currencies Rates Only
  • Latest Rates Conversion
  • Historical Currency Rates
  • Historical Rates Conversion
  • Supported Currencies
  • Supported Currency Symbols
  • Historical Data Limits
  • Time Series
  • Fluctuation
  • IP To Currency
  • Latest Rates Endpoint
  • Changing Base Currency
  • Time-Series Endpoint
  • Fluctuation Endpoint
  • Convert Endpoint
  • Supported Symbols Endpoint
  • Historical Rates Endpoint
  • Specify Symbols
  • 60 Seconds Updates
  • Authorization
  • JSON and XML formats
  • 60 seconds update
  • JSON format
Security SSL encryption is for all plans, including the free plan SSL encryption for paid plans only
Free Plan 1000 free API calls per month 100 free API calls
Global Coverage world currencies 170 world currencies
Available Sample Codes
  • Shell
  • Node JS
  • Java
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • JavaScript
  • Go
  • C#
  • PHP
  • C
  • Swift
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
Location-based Currency Conversion Available Not available

Why Do We Use a Forex Exchange API?

Forex Exchange APIs help traders and developers by giving them access to currency market data quickly. Here's why they're useful:

  • APIs make it simple to get real-time exchange rates and other market information.

  • Traders can use APIs to automate their trading strategies, making buying and selling currencies easier.

  • Developers can use APIs to create custom trading tools that fit their needs.

  • Access to reliable data helps traders manage risks better and make smarter trading decisions.

  • APIs provide historical data and analysis tools that help traders understand market trends and predict future movements.

Applications of Forex Exchange API in Real Life

Forex Exchange APIs are used in everyday life in many ways:

  1. Travel websites use these APIs to show currency exchange rates. They are helping travelers budget for trips abroad.

  2. E-commerce sites use Forex APIs to display prices in different currencies. They are making it easier for customers worldwide to shop.

  3. Banks use these APIs to offer up-to-date exchange rates for customers making international transactions or currency conversions.

  4. Trading apps use Forex APIs to show real-time market data. They help users make informed decisions about buying and selling currencies.

  5. Currency exchange businesses use Forex APIs to provide accurate rates for converting money between different currencies.

  6. Analysts and researchers use Forex APIs to study past exchange rate data. They are helping them understand market trends and predict future currency movements.

How Do You Choose the Best Forex Exchange API?

To choose the best Forex Exchange API:

  • Pick one from a trusted provider known for consistent service.

  • Make sure it covers the currencies and information you need, both current and historical.

  • Look for clear instructions and support to add the API to your systems easily.

  • Choose an API that lets you adjust settings to fit your needs.

  • Ensure it can handle growing data and users as your needs expand.

  • Check for features that protect your data and transactions from unauthorized access.

  • Consider the pricing structure, including any extra fees for advanced features or high usage.


Choosing the best Forex Exchange API comes down to a few key things: reliability, data coverage, ease of use, customization options, scalability, security, and cost. Two popular APIs are CurrencyFreaks and Fixer API.

CurrencyFreaks covers 641 currencies and supports location-based currency conversion. On the other hand, Fixer API covers 170 currencies and offers 15+ exchange rate data sources. Both give real-time and historical exchange rate data, but their prices and features differ. The right choice depends on your needs and preferences.

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What Are the Benefits of Using a Forex Exchange API?

Forex Exchange APIs provide real-time data, automate trading, and enhance financial analysis.

Can We Rely on a Forex Exchange API for Reliable Data?

Yes. We can rely on a Forex Exchange API for reliable data.

Where Does a Forex Exchange API Get the Data?

A Forex Exchange API retrieves data from reliable sources like financial institutions and market databases.

Is It Legal to Use a Forex Exchange API?

Using a Forex Exchange API is legal unless prohibited by specific terms or regulations.

Explore CurrencyFreaks now for reliable currency exchange rates and seamless financial transactions.