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OANDA API vs CurrencyFreaks | Best Currency Rate API for Financial Applications

OANDA API Vs. CurrencyFreaks | Best Currency Rate API for Financial Applications

Are you looking for the best way to get currency exchange rates for your finance app? It can be hard to choose between CurrencyFreaks and OANDA currency rate API. CurrencyFreaks gives rates for currencies, updated every hour. OANDA is well-known for accurate rates.

In this blog, we compare CurrencyFreaks and OANDA. We look at their data, update speed, ease of use, cost, and support. You'll know which is best for your app by the end. First, we talk about why good rates matter for finance apps. Then, we look at each API in detail. After, we compare them to help you choose. Let's start!

Why Do We Need a Reliable Currency Rate API in Financial Applications?

In financial apps, we need a good currency rate API for a few important reasons.

  1. First, it helps with international transactions. When you buy things from other countries, you need the right exchange rates to ensure you're paying the right amount. This helps avoid losing money because of currency changes.

  2. Second, having accurate exchange rates is key for financial reports and analysis. Many businesses work in different countries and currencies. Accurate rates help convert their money into one currency for reports. This is important for making smart business choices and understanding a company's financial status.

  3. Lastly, currency rate APIs are used for currency conversion in apps. Without a good API, conversions might be wrong. As a result, it will lead to confusion and possible money loss.

What Are the Real-Life Financial Applications Using the Currency Rate API?

Currency rate APIs are used in many real-life money apps to give users the latest exchange rate info.

One common use is in international money transfers. Companies use these APIs to determine how much money to send or get based on the current rates.

E-commerce sites also use these APIs to show product prices in different currencies. This helps shoppers from around the world easily understand how much things cost.

Travel apps and websites use these APIs to help travelers convert prices to their home currency. This makes it easier for them to plan their trips and stick to their budgets.

Financial firms use these APIs in trading and investment apps. They help traders and investors monitor exchange rates. It helps them make smart decisions about buying and selling currencies.

Comparison of different currencies

What Are the Best Currency Rate APIs?

We have two popular options to compare the best currency rate APIs. Let's start.


CurrencyFreaks is a currency API made by JFreaks Software Solutions, a small team from Lahore, Pakistan. They've been in the software business for three years. Moreover, they are always focusing on data analysis and location-based apps.

JFreaks saw that developers needed a simple, reliable, and affordable currency API. So, they created CurrencyFreaks. This API gives accurate and regularly updated exchange rates for currencies. They get their data from trusted sources in forex and crypto exchanges.

CurrencyFreaks is JFreaks' second API for developers.


OANDA is a company that provides services for trading and converting currencies. It was founded in 1996 by Dr. Richard Olsen and Dr. Michael Stumm. The OANDA Currency API is a tool that gives developers access to accurate foreign exchange data for thousands of currency pairs. Developers use this API to integrate currency exchange rates and historical data into their apps and systems.

OANDA API Dashboard

OANDA Vs. CurrencyFreaks

Aspect CurrencyFreaks OANDA
Pricing Starts at $9.99 per month
Free Plan: 1000 free API calls per month
Starts at $425 per month
Free Trial: 7-day free trial for API key
Features 60 Seconds Updates, JSON format, limited support for free plans 5 Seconds Updates
Security SSL encryption for all plans SSL encryption for paid plans only
Global Coverage world currencies Thousands of world currencies
Available Sample Codes Shell, Node JS, Java, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, Go, C#, PHP, Swift Node JS and Java only
Latest Currency Rates ✔️ ✔️
Desired Currencies Rates Only ✔️
Change Base Currency ✔️
Historical Rates ✔️ ✔️
Latest Rates Conversion ✔️
Historical Data Limits ✔️
Supported Currency Symbols ✔️
Supported Currencies ✔️ ✔️
IP To Currency ✔️
Historical Rates Conversion ✔️
Fluctuation ✔️
Time Series Endpoint ✔️ ✔️
Spot ✔️
Candle ✔️
Candles ✔️
Aggregated ✔️
Forward ✔️


CurrencyFreaks and OANDA are both good options for getting currency exchange rates in financial apps. CurrencyFreaks is cheaper and has a free monthly plan with 1000 API calls. OANDA is more expensive but offers a 7-day free trial with more features.

If you need a simple and affordable option, CurrencyFreaks is a good choice. However, OANDA might be better if you need more advanced features and can afford it. Consider your needs and budget when choosing between them.


How Does CurrencyFreaks Simplify Currency Rate Integration for Financial Applications?

CurrencyFreaks simplifies currency rate integration for financial applications by providing accurate, up-to-date exchange rate data.

How Does CurrencyFreaks Ensure Data Accuracy and Reliability, Crucial for Financial Calculations?

CurrencyFreaks ensures data accuracy and reliability through rigorous validation processes and real-time updates.

What Sets CurrencyFreaks Apart in Terms of User-Friendly Documentation and Support for Developers?

CurrencyFreaks stand out with clear, concise documentation and robust developer support, enhancing user experience.

How Does CurrencyFreaks Address Security Concerns, Particularly Important in Financial Transactions?

CurrencyFreaks addresses security concerns in financial transactions through SSL encryption for all plans.

Ready to simplify currency rate integration for your financial app? Try CurrencyFreaks now and enjoy accurate, up-to-date exchange rates with our affordable plans!