179 World Currencies

We provide real time exchange rate data for 179 currencies updated in every minute.

Trusted Data

Our API uses trusted forex exchanges and banks for the currency data.


We take security seriously that is why every request to our server is SSL encrypted even in our free plan.


Speed matters a lot to us that is why we’ve built our API to provide you the required data in blink of an eye.

Interactive Support

Got a question or need any technical help in integration? Just let us know through our contact us form. We’ll get back to you instantly.


Our detailed documentation walks you through our API features without any hassle.


  • Location Aware Exchange Rate

    Providing currency data to your users has never been easier and quicker. Detect your users' location from their IP address and show them the right price in their currency for a better user experience.

  • Currency Localization

    Increase your sales and conversions by focusing on your international buyers. Make online buying a smooth experience by helping your customers shop in their local currency.

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