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XE API Vs. CurrencyFreaks | Choosing the Right Currency API for Your Businesses

XE API Vs. CurrencyFreaks API | Choosing the Right Currency API for Your Businesses

Choosing the right currency API for your business is crucial. CurrencyFreaks and XE API are two popular options. CurrencyFreaks offers many currencies and features, including an IP-to-currency converter for online stores. XE API is known for being reliable and easy to use, with real-time updates.

In this blog, we'll compare CurrencyFreaks and XE API to help you decide which is best for your business. CurrencyFreaks covers many currencies and has valuable features for online stores. XE API is reliable and easy to use. Whether you're a developer or a business owner, this comparison will help you choose the right currency API for your needs. We'll examine their features, performance, and suitability for different businesses.

Stay tuned for a detailed comparison of CurrencyFreaks and XE API.

What is a Currency API?

A Currency API, or Application Programming Interface, lets software programs talk to each other and share currency-related information. It helps developers use currency exchange rate data in their apps without doing the work themselves.


Currency APIs are used in many industries:

  1. They help financial institutions provide the latest exchange rates for currency conversions and international transactions.

  2. Online stores use them to show prices in different currencies. Therefore, customers can see how much things cost in their currency.

  3. Travel websites and apps use them to give travelers real-time exchange rates and currency conversion tools for planning their budgets.

  4. Businesses use them to convert expenses and revenues into their local currency for accounting purposes.

  5. Currency APIs provide real-time exchange rates and market data for making investment decisions on trading platforms.

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Using a Currency API has several advantages:

  1. Currency APIs give you the most up-to-date exchange rates, so your apps always have the right information.

  2. They save time and effort compared to manually updating currency data.

  3. Currency APIs help businesses reach international customers by showing prices in their local currency.

  4. They're designed to be simple for developers to add currency-related features to their apps.

  5. Using a Currency API is often cheaper than other ways of getting currency data, like subscribing to expensive services or doing it manually.

Why Should I Choose the Right Currency API?

The right currency API is essential because it ensures your app or business uses the correct exchange rates. This is crucial for showing customers accurate prices, especially in online stores and financial transactions where small mistakes can cause big problems.

A good currency API saves time and effort by automating currency conversion and rate updates. This means you don't have to collect or update currency data manually.

Having the right currency API can help you grow your business globally. By supporting multiple currencies, you can attract customers worldwide and make shopping easy.

Picking the right currency API can also save money and make your business more efficient. It can help you reduce costs, work more efficiently, and make customers happier. Furthermore, leading to more profits and business success.

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How Can I Choose the Right Currency API?

Choosing the right currency API is crucial for your app. Here's how to do it:

  • Make sure the API covers the currencies you need.

  • Check if the API provides accurate and up-to-date rates.

  • If you need it, ensure the API offers historical rates.

  • Choose an API with clear instructions and good support.

  • Consider the price and choose a plan that fits your budget.

  • Look for an API with a good track record.

  • Some APIs offer extra features like IP to currency conversion. Consider if you need them.

What Options Are Available in the Market for the Best Currency API?

If you are a developer, you will find many options available in the market. For example, CurrencyFreaks, Open Exchange Rates API, Fixer API, and Currencylayer. But today, we have focused on the two most popular options among businesses and developers. Let's check them.


JFreaks Software Solutions developed CurrencyFreaks API. They are experts in Data Analysis and making apps that use location information.

Because developers needed a simple, reliable, and affordable currency API, JFreaks created CurrencyFreaks API. Their API gives accurate and regularly updated currency data for world currencies. They get their data from trusted sources in foreign and crypto exchanges.

CurrencyFreaks is their second API for developers. Their first product, ipgeolocation, started in May 2018 and became profitable within a year because it gave accurate location data for IP addresses.

WhoisFreaks is also a new product by JFreaks. It provides lots of information about domains, like WHOIS data, DNS records, and more.

CurrencyFreaks is your solution for easy currency conversion data, made for developers who want a reliable, efficient, and affordable currency API.

CurrencyFreaks Dashboard


This API provides real-time, precise, and trustworthy currency exchange information for numerous currencies worldwide. Their rates come directly from financial data providers and central banks. It gives real-time, precise, and dependable data for over 220 world currencies. Moreover, XE API integrates with more than 100 highly reputable global sources, ensuring the most accurate and current data.

Here is what you get through XE converter:

  • Simple and fast integration

  • Access more than just live data. XE API offers historical rates, monthly averages, currency volatility, and the ability to add customizable margins on rates.

  • 220 world currencies, metals, and cryptocurrencies

  • Precise, dependable, and up-to-date rates

  • Robust & scalable currency data API

  • Extensive API documentation

XE currency converter API starts at $799 per month. This can be expensive for small businesses.

XE API Dashboard

XE Vs. CurrencyFreaks

Feature CurrencyFreaks XE Currency Converter
Coverage world currencies, fiat currencies, metals, cryptocurrencies Approx. 130 currencies
Accurate Exchange Rates ✔️ ✔️
User Interface User-friendly User-friendly
Availability API API, App (iOS, Android), Website
Pricing $9.99 monthly with Limited Support Starts at $799
Support Email support FAQs, email support, customer service
Security SSL encryption for all plans SSL encryption
Free Plan 1000 free API calls 7 day free trial only
Update Frequency 60 Seconds Not specified
Data Formats JSON, XML Not specified
Authorization Available Available
Sample Codes Shell, Java, Node JS, Ruby, JavaScript, Python, C#, Go, PHP, Swift, C Python, NodeJS, Java, PHP
Latest Currency Rates ✔️
Desired Currencies Rates Only ✔️
Change Base Currency ✔️ ✔️
Historical Rates ✔️ ✔️
Latest Rates Conversion ✔️ ✔️
Historical Data Limits ✔️
Supported Currency Symbols ✔️
Supported Currencies ✔️ ✔️
IP To Currency ✔️
Historical Rates Conversion ✔️
Fluctuation ✔️
Time Series Endpoint ✔️


Choosing the right currency API for your business is essential. Both CurrencyFreaks and XE Currency Converter have their strengths. CurrencyFreaks offers a wide range of currencies and features, including an IP-to-currency converter for online stores. XE Currency Converter is known for its reliability and easy-to-use interface.

CurrencyFreaks provides SSL encryption for all plans and has a pricing plan starting at $9.99 per month with limited support. It also offers location-based currency conversion and covers currencies globally. On the other hand, XE Currency Converter offers a free app with ads and a premium version. It provides features like real-time updates, graphical representations for historical data, and money transfer options.

Your choice between CurrencyFreaks and XE Currency Converter depends on your business needs and preferences. Both APIs are reputable and offer useful tools for businesses and developers.


Why Should You Choose CurrencyFreaks?

Choose CurrencyFreaks for extensive currency coverage and reliable, secure API services.

Can I Try CurrencyFreaks Currency API for Free?

Yes, you can try CurrencyFreaks Currency API for free with limited features.

Is it Legal to Use the Currency API?

Using a currency API is legal unless you violate its terms of service.

Can I Rely on CurrencyFreaks in Terms Of Security?

You can rely on CurrencyFreaks for security due to its SSL encryption for all plans.

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