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Real Time Foreign Currency Exchange Rate And Cryptocurrency API

Around the world of Forex trading, traders constantly got to realize the currency exchange rates which are operating within the market. It’s extremely important for them to be recognized the current exchange rates of the various currencies.
It is often said that an API may be a major element that creates things super easy to all or any sorts of developers, and user-friendly. Furthermore, API plays its role within the forex trading by offering all the required pieces of detailed information to the developers, giving them advantages by securing their precious time and permit them to fetch any quiet data which they need. In this article I'll discuss thoroughly about foreign currency rates and its API.

What is currency?

Currency is a system of money in worldwide use, expressly for people in a nation. As the world becoming a global village where anyone can make connections between in free trade, it has become full of force for individuals to have roads for exchanging currency used in countries .

What is foreign exchange rate and market?

The rate between two currencies at which one currency will be exchanged for another. In simple words, the value of one country’s currency in terms of an other currency called Foreign exchange rate it is also known as forex rate. The foreign exchange market has no physical address. Trading is entirely electronic and goes on 24 hours a day to unbend traders in every time zone.

Exchange Money

Following are some frequently asked questions by people regarding foreign currency exchange rates that will be answered in this article:

How to retrieve currency exchange rates?
Are there any free sources to download forex daily data?
What are some publicly available market data feeds?
How to find the value of currency exchange rates?
How are exchange rates determined?
What determines the price of a crypto currency?

Although there are huge businesses that offer these services. One of them is CurrencyFreaks, which is providing real time live currency exchange rates of major foreign currency pairs including many crypto currencies and some presious metals as well.
The availability of live forex currency rates has made it possible to get crypto market data and monitor both forex and crypto pricing.

Live Currency Rates

- CurrencyFreaks has some useful features like you can:
- Get currency rates based on currency selection
- Get a list of exchange rates
- Get currency rate by currency code
- Get currency symbols
- Get up to date cryptocurrency prices
- Track cryptocurrency prices
- Top cryptocurrency prices
- Look up bitcoin price and many more

Meanwhile, When you need to know currency rates for your business, currency API is a powerful tool that can help speed up your business operations, grow your brand’s reach, connect your shoppers to the products they want, and so much more.
The availability of currency APIs has made it possible for developers to combine different things together so they work as one unit currency exchange, and a ton of other exciting abilities into their websites and apps.

Forex currency exchange rate APIs has made it easier for people and businesses to access forex currency rates services. If you are looking for currency exchange rates via an API and free currency API with supporting ALL countries currency and crytops for your website or app, you're at right place I'll tell you about the real-time currency exchange rates web service for developers which is also known as CurrencyFreaks API.

Forex API

CurrencyFreaks provide a real time foreign exchange rates API which solves all of your following common questions related to getting live forex rates.

Which API can provide real time cryptocurrency market data?

What is a reliable API for foreign currency exchange rates for a banking client?

Which is a truly currency exchange API with an unlimited request?

Is there any really reliable currency exchange rate feed API provider with uptime at least 99.99%?

Which API is best, reliable, trustworthy for getting live price of all crypto currency price Api?

Using CurrencyFreaks API you can get real time forex quotes API for free or cheap. It has very reasonable pricing plans on mothly and yearly based subscription. It works like a stock quote API that updates and provides data secondwise, its data value being refreshed in every 60 second. Thru this Forex and crypto API you can also get 10 minutes, hourly and daily refreshed currency exchange rates. Rates are formulated using data from renowned global sources. It provides an easy way to acquire the live data of the price and volume of the forex and crypto-currency.

API features

  • This API is designed to be light, with blazing fast response.
  • Easy to integrate and accurate rates that can be used for reporting, pricing, and financial analysis.
  • Delivers reliable real-time currency exchange rates up to 166 countries.
  • Get live rates of precious metals.
  • Get free currency exchange rate
  • Get live exchange rates for a broad range of world currencies including fiat, crypto and metals.

Currency API Features

It boasts an easy to understand documentation. Data output is returned in both JSON and an XML format for you to understand easily.

  • It comes with the following ten unique endpoints.
    1. Get list of all supported currencies with detail.
    2. Get list of all currency symbols with their names.
    3. Get historical data limits
    4. Get the real-time exchange rates.
    5. Get live currency rates conversion.
    6. Get historical currency rates data.
    7. Get historical currency rates conversion.
    8. Get historical currency exchange rates between two dates of your choice.
    9. Get information how currencies fluctuate on a day-to-day basis.
    10. Get automatic geolocation currency converter for website. It auto detect country and currency of website's visitor and display him converted amount in his local currency.

In this article I'll discuss first four endpoints of Currencyfreaks API. As I've already explained its next five endpoints here from 5 to 9.

1. Get list of all supported currencies with detail.

This endpoint returns the complete basic information of all supported currencies such as currency code, full name of currency, currency flag, country code, country name and dates from which date it's available in the historical currency data.

Note: If currency type is crypto and metal, its countryCode value will be "Crypto" and "Metal" respectively, and countryName value will be "Global" as you can see in the example response below.

The URL for this endpoint is https://api.currencyfreaks.com/v2.0/supported-currencies and its curl example with JSON response is below:

$ curl 'https://api.currencyfreaks.com/v2.0/supported-currencies'

    "supportedCurrenciesMap": {
        "PKR": {
            "currencyCode": "PKR",
            "currencyName": "Pakistan Rupee",
            "countryCode": "PK",
            "countryName": "Pakistan",
            "status": "AVAILABLE",
            "availableFrom": "1985-10-02",
            "availableUntil": "{CURRENT_DATE}",
            "icon": "https://currencyfreaks.com/photos/flags/pkr.png?v=0.1"
        "BTC": {
            "currencyCode": "BTC",
            "currencyName": "Bitcoin",
            "countryCode": "Crypto",
            "countryName": "Global",
            "status": "AVAILABLE",
            "availableFrom": "2013-01-07",
            "availableUntil": "{CURRENT_DATE}",
            "icon": "https://currencyfreaks.com/photos/flags/btc.png?v=0.1"
        "XPT": {
            "currencyCode": "XPT",
            "currencyName": "Platinum",
            "countryCode": "Metal",
            "countryName": "Global",
            "status": "AVAILABLE",
            "availableFrom": "2020-09-02",
            "availableUntil": "{CURRENT_DATE}",
            "icon": "https://currencyfreaks.com/photos/flags/xpt.png?v=0.1"
        "GBX": {
            "currencyCode": "GBX",
            "currencyName": "Penny Sterling",
            "countryCode": "UK",
            "countryName": "United Kingdom",
            "status": "DEPRECIATED",
            "availableFrom": "2021-04-05",
            "availableUntil": "2023-03-15",
            "icon": "https://currencyfreaks.com/photos/flags/gbx.png?v=0.1"

2. Get list of all currency symbols with their names.

Every world currency has an assigned code, used on currency exchange markets, and a currency code symbol which is usually used when pricing products. If you're wondering which currency symbol you need. This endpoint let you know about the different currency symbols and their full names in the world.

The URL for this endpoint is https://api.currencyfreaks.com/v2.0/currency-symbols and its curl example with JSON response is below:

$ curl 'https://api.currencyfreaks.com/v2.0/currency-symbols'

    "currencySymbols": {
        "AGLD": "Adventure Gold",
        "FJD": "Fiji Dollar",
        "MXN": "Mexican Peso",
        "SCR": "Seychellois Rupee",
        "CDF": "Congolese Franc",
        "BBD": "Barbadian Dollar",
        "HNL": "Honduran Lempira",
        "UGX": "Uganda Shilling",
        "PKR": "Pakistani Rupee",
        "EUR": "Euro",
        "GBP": "Pound Sterling",
        "CAD": "Canadian Dollar",
        "USD": "US Dollar"
        "ETH": "Ethereum",

3. Get historical data limits

This endpoint returns the information of historical forex & crypto currencies data like from which date currency rate is available of a particular currency code in historical database.
The URL for this endpoint is https://api.currencyfreaks.com/v2.0/historical-data-limits and its curl example with JSON response is below:

$ curl 'https://api.currencyfreaks.com/v2.0/historical-data-limits'

    "availabilityPeriod": {
        "AGLD": "2022-05-16 to 2023-03-21",
        "FJD": "1989-08-18 to 2023-03-21",
        "MXN": "1993-01-05 to 2023-03-21",
        "LVL": "2022-12-09 to 2023-03-21",
        "SCR": "1998-07-31 to 2023-03-21",
        "CDF": "2009-10-27 to 2023-03-21",
        "BBD": "1989-08-18 to 2023-03-21",
        "HNL": "1989-08-18 to 2023-03-21",
        "UGX": "1989-08-18 to 2023-03-21",
        "GLM": "2022-05-16 to 2023-03-21",
        "NEAR": "2022-08-31 to 2023-03-21",
        "AIOZ": "2022-05-16 to 2023-03-21",
        "AUDIO": "2023-01-25 to 2023-03-21",
        "FARM": "2022-05-16 to 2023-03-21",

4. Get the real-time exchange rates

This endpoint returns the latest currency exchange rates of all available currencies in the API with USD as default base currency.
The URL for this endpoint is https://api.currencyfreaks.com/v2.0/rates/latest?apikey=YOUR_APIKEY and its curl example with JSON response is below:

$ curl 'https://api.currencyfreaks.com/v2.0/rates/latest?apikey=YOUR_APIKEY'

  "date": "2023-03-21 12:43:00+00",
  "base": "USD",
  "rates": {
    "AGLD": "2.3263929277654998",
    "FJD": "2.21592",
    "MXN": "18.670707655673546",
    "LVL": "0.651918",
    "SCR": "13.21713243157135",
    "CDF": "2068.490771",
    "BBD": "2.0",
    "HNL": "24.57644632001569",

Moreover, you can also get currency rates based on currency selection or currency rate by currency code thru CurrencyFreaks API. You just need to pass a URL parameter "symbols" along with the desired currency codes as its value to get their live rates as shown in curl example below:

$ curl 'https://api.currencyfreaks.com/v2.0/rates/latest?apikey=YOUR_APIKEY&symbols=PKR,GBP,EUR,USD'

    "date": "2023-03-21 13:26:00+00",
    "base": "USD",
    "rates": {
        "EUR": "0.9278605451274349",
        "GBP": "0.8172754173817152",
        "PKR": "281.6212943333344",
        "USD": "1.0"

CurrencyFreaks has high performance infrastructure is running on multiple servers across several data centers to make sure the fastest data delivery with the lowest latency possible. It has also redundant hosting and load-balanced environments for max reliability. That's why, it is really reliable currency exchange rate feed API provider with uptime at least 99.99%.

Uptime API

To get free access of CurrencyFreaks API just free signup here and get your apikey, no credit card required. Meanwhile, you can also signup using your Google or Github account.


Getting market data through currency exchange APIs is very easy, simple, and able to be predicted. But you also need to make sure that, you get the updated and accurate data at the right time. The API discussed above is very useful to meet this needed thing and shape your business products the way you have desired.